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Cardiovascular disease (CVD), commonly called “heart disease,” refers to health issues with the heart and blood vessels. These health issues can lead to blood clots, blocked arteries, chest pain, heart attack, stroke, acute heart failure, disability and even death.

Most individuals identified as at risk for heart disease or diagnosed with heart disease can be treated or managed with lifestyle choices and proper medication and/or supplements.

Drs. Ernst J. Schaefer and Bela F. Asztalos founded Boston Heart in 2007 to help identify those at risk for heart disease who may have been missed through traditional screening. “We know that about 50% of patients who have a heart attack have normal LDL-C levels1, so clearly statin use alone will not solve the issue. Additionally, patient adherence to treatment protocols remains a major issue with more than 50% of patients stopping their statin in the first year.2,3 Patient care needs to be individualized if we are to make a significant impact on clinical outcomes,” said Dr. Schaefer.

Boston Heart engages you in your own health and gives you the tools to improve heart health. Boston Heart offers:

~ A unique set of highly specialized blood tests broken into four categories— cholesterol, inflammation, metabolics and genetics— that can help you better understand your individual risk for heart disease.

~ The Boston Heart Lifestyle Program which combines your blood test results and personal preferences for food and exercise to create a fully customized nutrition and exercise plan just for you.


Your provider may order the following blood tests to characterize and stratify your risk of heart disease:

~ Boston Heart HDL Map® which provides insight into managing HDL

~ Boston Heart Cholesterol Balance® test which identifies the sources of cholesterol and enables selection of the appropriate treatment

~ Boston Heart Prediabetes Assessment® to identify if you are at risk of developing diabetes within 10 years

~ Boston Heart Statin Induced Myopathy (SLCO1B1) Genotype test to identify if you are likely to develop muscle aches and pains from statins

~ Boston Heart Fatty Acid Balance ™ test to get a better understanding of how the foods you are eating affect your health.

Your provider may also refer you to the Boston Heart Lifestyle Program that helps improve your heart health using the results of your blood tests and your personal food and exercise preferences.


Ask your healthcare provider about Boston Heart.

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