Enterocele Repair: Enterocele Repair, Treatment & Surgery in Bow Mar, CO

The compassionate team from Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, our urogynecology professionals, is ready to help women of all ages, both adolescents and adults, through menopause and beyond. Our providers help by offering urogynecology solutions like enterocele restoration. Enteroceles, generally known as small bowel prolapses, occur when the tiny intestine moves straight down and pushes at the top of a woman’s vagina, creating a bulge. There are signs only a professional can see that indicate when a woman in Bow Mar requires enterocele repair surgery or if they need a less invasive enterocele treatment. Contact today and make an appointment with our urogynecology specialists, to help you understand your body and improve your ense of wellness.

What Causes Bowel Hernia at the Top of the Vagina?

There are a few things that can cause a woman in Bow Mar to need an enterocele repair. A bowel hernia near the top of the vagina can be due to aging, vaginally delivering a heavy baby, menopause, a hysterectomy or other gynecological surgeries, improperly lifting heavy objects, being overweight, or having chronic constipation and coughing. In some instances, even genetic factors can affect the likelihood of a woman’s pelvic support system. Our urogynecology specialists will be ready to help women in Bow Mar with determining the enterocele treatments you might need.

Signs that a Woman in Littleton Needs Enterocele Repair

Unfortunately, there are cases when a woman might not feel any symptoms from an enterocele. Most often, they will find out that they require enterocele repair and additional treatments during a normal pelvic examination. In the instances when symptoms are felt, a woman in Bow Mar is likely to feel fullness, heaviness, or discomfort in the pelvic area. This feeling can worsen as a day goes on, or after standing, lifting, or coughing. An enterocele may also offer symptoms of lower back pain, a bulging in the vagina, frequent bladder attacks, leakage of urine, problems during intercourse, and complications inserting tampons.

Enterocele Surgery & Treatment Options in Bow Mar

The companies from Littleton Gynecology and Wellness have helped many women access the various enterocele surgery and treatment options that they have needed. Enterocele repair includes both surgical and non-surgical treatment options. A woman can deal with an enterocele with a hysterectomy, uterine suspension, Kegel exercises, a vaginal pessary, or by taking hormone therapy for estrogen. The solution that you end up taking on will depend on what you, as well as your doctor, and our urogynecology specialist, think is best.