Rectocele Repair: Rectal Repair, Treatment & Surgery in Bow Mar, CO

A rectocele, also known as a posterior prolapse, is usually when a woman’s rectum bulges into the rear wall of their vagina. This condition has affected women in Bow Mar, and our urogynecology specialists have been able to help with their rectocele repair surgery and surgery choices. The rectocele surgery and treatments that are provided in our urogynecology services can include both surgical and non-surgical options. You do not have to live with the symptoms and discomfort that rectocele has brought. Contact Littleton Gynecology and Wellness to schedule an appointment today.

Rectal Repair Surgery for Women in Bow Mar

Women can find themselves coping with rectocele when the muscle groups in their vaginal wall structure weaken. This happens when a woman has started aging, is going through menopause, has vaginally delivered babies, repeatedly lifts weights, is overweight, and deals with chronic coughing, constipation, or straining with bowel movements. Regardless of the reason why a person deals with a rectocele, they deserve to receive dependable urogynecology services that Littleton Gynecology and Wellness can offer. Seek out the rectocele treatment you are worthy of today. Make an appointment for rectocele treatment today by calling our service in Bow Mar.

Rectocele Repair Surgery and Rectocele Repair Surgery in Bow Mar

You may require rectocele repair treatment if you begin to notice symptoms like a soft bulge of tissue in your vagina that protrudes through the vaginal opening, difficulty having bowel movements, a sensation of pressure or fullness in your rectum, feeling like you have not totally emptied after a bowel movement, concerns with sex like being embarrassed or sensing looseness in the tone of your vaginal tissue. Even a small rectocele can cause these symptoms to appear.

Rectal Repair Surgery Options for Women in Littleton

Although there is a surgical option for treating rectocele, there are ways to prevent it from manifesting. You can do this by performing Kegel exercises, changing diet, avoiding heavy lifting and lifting correctly, managing conditions that cause long term coughing, and avoiding weight gain. There are three types of rectocele repair surgery options available for women, transvaginal, transperineal, and transanal; each takes its name from the path used by the surgeon to reach the rectocele. We recommend that women go through a physical exam and talk to their doctor before deciding on the best treatment option.