Myomectomy Procedure: Fibroid Surgery & Removal in Littleton, CO

A myomectomy procedure, or uterine fibroid removal surgery, is a procedure for fibroid removal. Fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterus that develop primarily during childbearing years. During a myomectomy procedure, our surgeons here at Littleton Gynecology and Wellness remove fibroids and reconstruct the uterus. Though fibroids aren’t cancerous, they can still contribute to heavy menstrual bleeding and pressure in the pelvic region.

Myomectomy Procedure in Littleton

If you’re experiencing heavy bleeding or the fibroids in your uterus are contributing to more complications, you may want a myomectomy procedure to get rid of the symptom causing fibroids. In opposition to a hysterectomy or endometrial ablation, uterine fibroid removal surgery allows you to keep both your uterus and uterine lining. Fibroid removal should positively affect your fertility, whereas the other procedures would make conception nearly impossible.

Fibroid Treatment in Littleton

Before going into fibroid surgery, one of our providers from our Littleton center might advise you to take some precautions to prepare better. For example, if a heavy menstrual flow has contributed to anemia, we might recommend iron supplements of hormonal treatment. Also, if you’d like to avoid the fibroid removal procedure process, we can try to use hormonal therapy to shrink the fibroids and decrease the bleeding. In some cases, this has been an effective approach.

Fibroid Surgery Success in Littleton

At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we take pride in our patients and their successes. Many patients have been happy with the results of their fibroid surgery and have reported symptom relief and fertility improvement. The uterus does need time to heal after a fibroid removal procedure, but after the recovery period, many patients menstruate normally, experience less pelvic pain, and successfully conceive, if that is their goal.