Lab & Testing Services in Englewood, CO

We perform many procedures here in the Englewood area, including IUD insertions, Nexplanon insertions, colposcopy, LEEP procedures, hysteroscopy, polpectomy, cystoscopy, labiaplasty, sonohystograms, endometrial ablations (Novasure), and urodynamics.

IUD insertions

An intrauterine device is a small device that is inserted into the uterus and provides continuous birth control for a certain period of time.

Nexplanon Insertions

Nexplanon is a small, thin, flexible implant inserted between the bicep and triceps muscle of the inner upper arm. It provides continuous birth control for up to three years.


A diagnostic tool used to help determine the cause of an abnormal pap smear. It is a visual examination of the cervix with a possible biopsy taken of any areas with an abnormal appearance.


LEEP stands for loop electrosurgical excision procedure. It is a procedure that removes abnormal tissue by cutting it away using a wire loop that carries electrical current.


A small catheter with a camera on the end is placed inside the uterus for a visual examination of the uterus.


Water is instilled into the uterus through a small catheter to visualize the uterine cavity with ultrasound. A biopsy may be taken at the same time with the same catheter.

Endometrial Ablation

The Novasure endometrial ablation can be done in the office. It uses bipolar energy to burn and destroy the inner lining of the uterus resulting in a reduction of menstrual blood flow. 60 percent of patients experience no flow while 90 percent experience a significantly reduced flow. The HTA method is done in the hospital and is usually reserved for patients who have abnormal uterine cavities.


This is a full bladder assessment looking to differentiate between different types of incontinence. It also allows us to better assess pelvic relaxation and prolapse.

Hormone optimization therapy with Biote®

The Biote method consists of the insertion of small pellets containing bioidentical hormones just under the skin in the hip area. We offer this procedure to both men and women.