Cystoscopy Services: Diagnostic Cystoscopy & Bladder Scope Procedures in Cherry Hills Village, CO

At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we believe in taking a holistic and personalized approach to your treatment. If you’ve been going through issues concerning your bladder, and you and your Cherry Hills Village area healthcare provider have determined that a cystoscopy procedure would be needed, you can be assured that we will perform it carefully. During the procedure, we will check the lining of your bladder for any abnormalities. Call the specialists at our Littleton office to discuss our cystoscopy options and set up an appointment.

Cystoscopy Procedures for Cherry Hills Village Area Patients

A cystoscopy procedure is typically performed in-office, or under local anesthesia at a hospital, and allows your urogynecology specialist to look for the specific source of bladder or urethra issues. This will help our experts at Littleton Gynecology and Wellness identify and diagnose the cause of your health problems, giving us the opportunity to treat or correct the proceedings. Your urethra will be numbed with antiseptic jelly, and we’ll use a bladder scope to get an up-close look at the area in question.

Bladder and Urethra Care Serving the Cherry Hills Village Area

Using the bladder scope to gain a clearer understanding of any issues you are having with your bladder or urethra, we are able to shed light on your discomfort and begin formulating a care plan that will begin to restore your wellbeing and quality of life. At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, our purpose is to provide quality care to each of our patients and empower them to make informed judgments on what is best for their recovery, based on the outcomes from the bladder scope.

Cherry Hills Village Area Patients Choose Us for Cystoscopies

If you, as well as your Cherry Hills Village doctor, have agreed on a diagnostic cystoscopy, it’s understandable to become nervous about the procedure and what that might entail. From the very start, we want you to know that you are in careful and capable hands, and we are committed to providing you with safe and effective care every step of the way. After your diagnostic cystoscopy at our Littleton office, we will be able to evaluate the results and discuss a treatment plan best suited to your needs and comfort.