Incontinence Treatment: Incontinence & Bladder Sling Surgery in Cherry Hills Village, CO

Urinary incontinence (the most common form of stress incontinence) is a condition that causes an individual to urinate when making specific movements or actions like coughing, sneezing, or lifting. Within our urogynecology providers, our providers can provide urinary incontinence treatments like an incontinence sling to alleviate or completely remove these symptoms. A bladder sling surgery treatment is a common method that many urogynecology specialists and women in Cherry Hills Village depend on for incontinence treatment.

When to Consider a Urinary Incontinence Sling in Cherry Hills Village

Urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing and frustrating issue for women in Cherry Hills Village to have to deal with. The available incontinence remedies can vary from surgical to non-surgical. Non-surgical incontinence treatment plans have been known to take care of less severe cases of tension incontinence. However, if you’re a female in Cherry Hills Village who has tried various forms of bladder control problems treatments and seen insufficient adjustments, you may want to consider an incontinence sling. There are several types of incontinence sling surgeries available for women in Cherry Hills Village, the most popular being mid-urethral sling surgery.

Stress Incontinence Treatment in Cherry Hills Village

As stressful as having to deal with incontinence is, it can be helpful to know why it occurs in the first place. Stress incontinence is the most typical type suffered by women in Cherry Hills Village, especially older women. Women who have given birth are also more likely to have stress incontinence. Chronic coughing, smoking, obesity, menstruation, menopause, pelvic surgery treatment, and other problems with the pelvic floor muscle tissue also play a part in increasing the chances a woman may need stress incontinence treatment as an incontinence sling.

Women’s Urinary Incontinence Treatment Provider in Cherry Hills Village

Our facility’s urogynecology professionals are prepared to work with women in Cherry Hills Village by providing quality urogynecology services like bladder sling surgery. An incontinence sling can often be the only remaining viable urinary incontinence treatment option for women with serious cases. It’s normal to start off with a pessary fitting, diet change, an increased exercise regiment, or various other treatment options before going through with the medical operation. After those initial actions, an incontinence sling, especially one added through a mid-urethral sling surgical procedure, will typically do the trick.