Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Littleton, CO

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a frustrating condition that experts say affects about 50 percent of men between the ages of 40 and 70. If you struggle to achieve or maintain an erection and suspect you may have erectile dysfunction, it is important to talk to a professional medical provider. At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we offer many options for treating this condition, including medication and extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). This non-invasive procedure involves the passage of acoustic energy waves through tissues, which has the potential to increase blood flow to produce stronger erections. Contact Littleton Gynecology and Wellness today to find out how our shock wave treatment plan could help you improve your sex life.

Littleton’s Reliable ED Treatment

If you are looking for a medical provider experienced with erectile dysfunction, contact Littleton Gynecology and Wellness. We are a group of dedicated and caring professionals who are here to help you with any sexual dysfunctions, including ED. We offer a variety of treatment options, including P Shots, affordable Cialis, Levitra, other medications, and extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment from Littleton Gynecology and Wellness

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you understand that it’s a sensitive issue. At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we work with you to carefully bring you effective treatments like extracorporeal shock wave therapy. This breakthrough treatment has the potential to restore your sex life. We have been Littleton’s favorite sexual health provider for over 20 years.

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy for ED

At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, we are dedicated to helping our patients discover which treatment options that work best for them when dealing with erectile dysfunction. We offer low intensity shockwave therapy, which can be a non-invasive alternative to medication. When you contact our Littleton office, you’ll consult with one of our experienced providers to find the best solutions for you.

Li ESWT Therapy in Littleton

The medical professionals at Littleton Gynecology and Wellness provide expert low intensity shockwave therapy. Like any treatment, individual results from procedures may vary. That’s why we are mindful when helping you choose an effective treatment option. When consulting with you, we will carefully consider the best treatment options while respecting your body’s unique needs and your safety.