Endometrial Ablation Surgery & Procedure in Littleton, CO

Endometrial ablation is a medical procedure that surgically removes the lining of your uterus. The goal of endometrial ablation is to reduce menstrual flow, and in some women, it may stop completely. No incisions are needed for endometrial ablation. At Littleton Gynecology and Wellness, one of our medical professionals inserts slender tools through the passageway between your vagina and cervix, right here, in-office. However, sometimes, a more extensive procedure is needed, and in those cases, we will take care of you with the help of Littleton Adventist Hospital. Call today and learn more about your options to reduce menstrual flow!

Ablation for Periods in Littleton

Ablation for periods helps with heavy bleeding or menstruation that lasts over a week. If typical over the counter options don’t work, it might be time to consider ablation for your period. In some of our Littleton patients, ablation has entirely stopped the flow altogether. If you’re changing your tampon every hour or your flow lasts over seven days, then perhaps ablation is the right solution. Call today to set up a consultation at our Littleton office, and if you qualify, one of our medical professionals will customize a treatment that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Littleton’s Holistic Endometrial Ablation Procedure

During endometrial ablation procedures, we do not make any surgical cuts; instead, we insert very thin tools through your vagina to reach your uterus. Two common procedure types include hydrothermal and high energy radio waves. Hydrothermal treatments generally entail pumping fluid into your uterus and heating it. High energy radio waves involve placing a wire mesh into your uterus using heat energy to destroy the lining and removing it with suction. In either procedure, your reproductive organs are left intact. If you think you might qualify for an endometrial ablation procedure, talk with one of our Littleton doctors.

Common Endometrial Ablation Surgery Side Effects

Possible non-threatening complications of endometrial ablation surgery include bleeding, infection, tearing of uterine wall, overloading of fluid in the bloodstream. In any of these rare events, Littleton Gynecology and Wellness is uniquely equipped and experienced to handle these events. Because of our affiliation with Littleton Adventist Hospital, we have access to medical grade equipment that other clinics don’t have. What’s more, our medical and holistic based approach to endometrial ablation surgery means we’re here to see your long term health and wellness goals are met.