Gynecology & Urology Medical Therapy & Treatments in Littleton, CO

A urogynecologist is someone who cares for women looking to treat a variety of different pelvic floor disorders with a specialized form of medical therapy. Pelvic floor disorders can significantly affect the life of a woman in Littleton, causing noticeable discomfort and pain. Our providers offer a variety of medical therapy options and other treatments to help alleviate and maybe even eliminate the pain and discomfort a woman is experiencing with her pelvic floor. Call today to schedule an appointment with a urogynecology specialist.

How Urology Treatments Help Women in Littleton

A urogynecologist is someone who can help women with pelvic disorders through a combination of gynecology treatments and reconstructive surgery. These urogynecology services can help with pelvic floor disorders like prolapse or incontinence. The pelvic floor is a series of muscles, ligaments, nerves, and connective tissue that supports the uterus, bladder, vagina, and rectum. Our pelvic floor medical therapy providers have experience evaluating and treating conditions affecting the female pelvic organs, connective tissue, and muscles, allowing them to help any woman in Littleton looking for relief.

When Women Need Gynecological Treatment in Littleton

Our urogynecology gynecologist treatments focus on providing surgical and non-surgical solutions to non-cancerous conditions. A woman in Littleton should seek out a pelvic medical therapy specialist when their quality of life is negatively affected by a pelvic floor disorder. Women who find themselves dealing with urinary incontinence or prolapses should seek a referral from their primary physician. Treatment for pelvic floor disorders can range from conservative and surgical treatments. Conservative treatments can include medical therapy, exercise, and diet changes.

Gynecological Medical Therapy for Women in Littleton

Pelvic floor disorders do not go away on their own. For certain cases of pelvic organ prolapse, a urogynecologist may suggest doing nothing and observing the situation for a bit, provided that the symptoms are not too much for a patient. If left untreated, incontinence or certain pelvic floor disorders can get worse depending on the problems. Certain problems might respond better to some simple medical therapy if handled earlier instead of a more complex treatment later on. Women in Littleton can always depend on their urogynecology service providers, so call and make an appointment today.